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Structural Integration (Rolfing) Bodywork

Santa Monica, CA Miles Away (INCALL) | Posted: Sep-11-2015

Massage Type:   DEEP TISSUE

Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing, is a method of manual therapy designed to create better body-alignment by deep connective tissue manipulation and movement education. Structural Integration is a process of slowly releasing tight muscular patterns that alter posture and proper joint movement. Unlike massage therapy which works on soothing and relaxing muscles, Structural Integration looks at the whole structural picture: muscles, bones, joint alignment, moving, breathing and even expression to determine how to better organize the body for optimum balance. Structural Integration is a powerful style of bodywork, the work is very firm and intense sensations of connective tissue release can be challenging. Typically Structural Integration is a 10 session process with a few follow-up visits to support the changes in the body, you can continue beyond the first 10 sessions as well.

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Phone: 310-924-1920


Rate: $$150.00 / hr.

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