Does it Cost Money?

Massage Quest is 100% free for both service providers to "post an ad" and customers to "search" for providers. However, Massage Quest does offer the option to purchase premier advertising benefits, which are available at a low subscription cost and have the ability to increase ad exposure and put your ad in the top positioning and rank in searches.

How Do I Find a Massage Therapist Nearby?

Simply click the "Search" tab at the top of any page. Enter in your Location or Zip Code and submit how far you would be willing to travel for your massage. You also have the option to choose between In Call (Clinic, Salon or Office) or Outcall (Housecall or Mobile Massage). Once you've made your selections, finilize your selections by clicking the "Search" button. You have the option to further filter those choices by selecting a specific "Massage Type" and clicking "Filter".

How Do I Post an Ad?

First, "sign in" at the top of any page. If you do not already have a profile, click the "sign up" tab at the top of any page. Once you have signed in, go to the "Home" page and click the "Post: Advertise Your Massage" tab.

Why Should I Pay for a Subscription When I Can Post an Ad for Free?

When you pay the low fee for a subscription, you increase your ad's everyday exposure and give your ad a better ranking in the search results. Better ranking in the search results will make it easier for potential clients to find You. A basic free ad can have limited exposure while having a paid subscription ad can help you stand out from all the other providers.

What is the Swipe: Photo Gallery tab?

The "Swipe: Photo Gallery" tab allows you to scroll through only photos of the providers in your search area. You can click the star button for the providers you like and click the X for the providers you are not interested in. You can click on the photo of the provider to read more about their services, rates, and other information about that provider.

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